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ROKSTEADYGRC develops digital solutions that strengthen and improve organisation governance

ROKSTEADYGRC Digital Governance Tool

The Digital Governance Tool is part of our overall ROKSTEADYGRC Governance Improvement Model.

By utilising our Digital Governance Tool organisations can:

  • either enhance existing or build new governance processes, systems and people capabilities
  • facilitate organisational governance culture and
  • meet growing societal and stakeholder expectations around governance

Our secure and confidential tool:

  • highlights and builds on organisation strengths
  • identifies gaps and areas for development or improvement and
  • creates an easy to understand and action, improvement plan

Our Approach


The Digital Governance Tool enables a Board to:

  • demonstrate internally and externally, that governance is being monitored, managed and evaluated, using a confidential,structured and rigorous process.
  • showcase at AGMs, to partners and regulators, that effective governance elements are in place across the 7 key disciplines.
ROKSTEADYGRC 7 Disciplines of Governance

Our tool has been designed to:

  • be completed at least annually
  • garner different perceptions on an organisation’s Governance performance, through a multi-view approach
  • generate a ROKSTEADY Governance Scorecard, which assists organisations to develop a Governance Improvement Plan
  • provide a ROKSTEADY Governance Benchmark Rating, which shows how an organisation performs relative to others, either in a similar or different sector, geography, size

Our aim is ROKSTEADY Governance


Benchmark governance in your corporation compared to similar businesses.

Indigenous Corporations

Ensure governance is in place and delivering the right outcomes to your stakeholders.

Not for Profits

Gain clarity and take action on your Not For Profit governance exposures.

Local Government

Identify transparency, accountability, stewardship and integrity issues.

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